July 2014 | Frenkel & Frenkel
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Jul 28

This blog post has been edited. It was originally posted on July 28, 2014. Facts of this case may have developed or changed since the original post date. Settlements/verdicts may have been reached or are in progress.

An investigation by KXAN in Austin found that many valid insurance claim payments were delayed until the injured party either filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance or threatened a lawsuit in order to collect. According to the report, State Farm Lloyds tops the list of companies that delayed or denied claims over the past five years. Forcing Payment...

Jul 22
Portable bed handles recalled after three deaths. Possible lawsuit may be in the works.

Handles designed to help adults get in and out of bed may be the subjects of a lawsuit as three people have died due to problems with the devices. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the manufacturer, Bed Handles Inc. of Blue Springs, Missouri, has recalled 113,000 portable bed handles. Handle Problems According to the agency, the handles can shift out of place if attached without safety retention straps, which can lead to a dangerous gap between the handle and the mattress. The...

Jul 15

In an effort to avoid lawsuits , Brazil is reassuring tourists traveling to the country for the World Cup that the chronic delays in airport construction will not cause problems. The country acknowledged that visitors would be using unfinished facilities for the event. Construction Woes

Travelers to World Cup events in Brazil may have problems due to construction delays which could result in lawsuits.

Some of the renovation projects that were expected to be finished for the World Cup will now not be completed until after the event. Brazil officials estimate that more than...

Jul 08
The NFL faces another lawsuit as players allege they were supplied with powerful painkillers and other drugs that led to serious problems later in life.

A group of retired NFL players have filed a lawsuit against the NFL, alleging the league supplied them with painkillers and other drugs in order to keep them on the field despite injuries. In some cases, the players developed addictions to the drugs, while others developed more severe injuries when they played while hurt.

No Prescription

According to the lawsuit, the players were given narcotic painkillers such as...

Jul 02

A Miami commissioner will not face a lawsuit after an investigation into free advertising he received during his campaign. The investigation found that it was routine for the advertising agency to give free ads to customers.

Miami commissioner will not face a lawsuit from the prosecutor for campaign misdoings.

The investigation began when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement noted that Wilfredo "Willy" Gort received 26 bus bench ads during his campaign, but that his campaign reported that he had paid for only ten at a cost of $13,000. The extra signs could have been a...