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Sep 18

Medical Malpractice Claims

The two articles below were in my daily digest I receive.  I thought how ironic that the first is about a man being paralyzed by a doctor's mistake, and the second about how Mr. Obama is spending your 25 million in tax dollars to look at ways to reduce medical malpractice claims.  Meaning cut down on the lawsuits.  There is a very simple way to do this, I wish the President would have asked me, I would have given him the answer for much less than the 25 million allocated.  Simply tell the doctors to quit making mistakes that paralyze and kill patients.  The President is spending millions to figure out how to cut down on medical malpractice cases, thus recoveries that impact people like the one in the first article.  Wow.    

Family of Malpractice Victim Awarded Damages
A Florida jury has awarded $14 million to the family of a man who was left paralyzed and bedridden after a doctor accidentally punctured an artery. The error caused severe bleeding in Francis Ziadie’s brain, an attorney for the family said. The award includes $5 million for medical care and $8 million for pain and suffering. Additional damages were awarded to Ziadie’s two minor sons.  Bob LaMendola, South Florida Sun-Sentinel  09/17/2009
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White House Weighs in on Medical Malpractice Claims
The White House announced Thursday that it would allocate $25 million for exploratory projects aimed at reducing medical malpractice claims. Under the plan, states could receive as much as $3 million per year to study methods associated with reducing medical malpractice claims. The Department of Health and Human Services is expected to begin accepting proposals from states within 30 days.  Katharine Q. Seelye, The New York Times  09/17/2009
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