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The Most Common Types of Injuries in an Auto Accident

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 265,076 people in Texas were injured in an auto accident in 2016. Auto accidents can affect victims in virtually any part of the body and with a variety of severity depending on the type of impact. Follow these 7 steps after you are in a car accident and contact an auto injury lawyer to maximize your recovery. Although major accidents often cause major injuries and minor accidents typically cause minor injuries, bodily harm can vary significantly regardless of the severity of the impact. Many injuries are obvious immediately, while others are not and can take days or weeks to flare up. Have a precautionary medical examination as soon as possible and in the coming weeks and months after the accident, stay in tune with how your body reacts and alert your doctor if you begin to notice new pain or symptoms that become more prominent.

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How to Ensure Success When Moving a Loved One to a Nursing Home

There comes a time when you need to consider a change in care or standard of living for your loved ones as they increase in age. Some are simply less interested in or able to manage the day to day of their own house and others are in need of an additional level of care and support. Frenkel & Frenkel wants to support you and your loved ones by providing our best advice in making a transition into a nursing home and ensuring you get the level of care that you deserve.

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What to Do When You Suspect Abuse or Neglect of an Elderly Person

At Frenkel & Frenkel, we understand the importance of having the best personal injury lawyer that you can find on your side. Even in places that are due reverence and respect such as retirement homes, individuals can be taken advantage of and may need legal counsel. As your nursing home abuse lawyers in Dallas, TX, Frenkel & Frenkel would like to help you determine how to determine nursing home abuse and what you should do about it.

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How to Protect Against Unlucky Road Troubles

While we’ve already addressed what to do after a car accident in a previous blog, there are things we can do to be proactively prepared to handle unlucky road troubles. As much as we all would wish for our experiences on the road to be without error, we all know that problems can happen. Outside of being a good driver and taking your car in for regular maintenance, here are a few things to consider and help protect your travels against the primary causes of road trouble.

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Steps To Take To Be A Protected & Safe Motorcycle Rider

There are a few specific tips, as a motorcyclist, that can help protect yourself against an accident with another vehicle. We’ll start with proactive tips to consider ahead of time and then address road etiquette and where to be most cautious on the road. Drivers of vehicles are not psychologically conditioned, much less prepared, to cross paths with motorcycles on the road. As a result, the motorcyclist needs to take precautions to protect themselves from auto accidents in these specific ways.

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New Texas Law Banning Texting and Driving

No Texting and Driving Ban Passed into Law

Starting on September 1st, Texas will become the 47th state in the country to adopt a law banning texting and driving. While dozens of cities in Texas have already banned texting while driving, this ban will now be applicable statewide. If a driver is caught texting while driving, he or she will be punishable by a fine of up to $99. Repeat offenders will have to pay $200.

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Lawsuit Filed By Man Trapped in Cook County Jail

A man who spent more than 30 hours trapped in an eight-by-eight foot room in the Cook County Jail has filed a lawsuit against the county. No dollar amount is specified in the suit, but attorneys are asking for compensation for physical, emotional and psychological injuries. Incident Details Farad Polk of Chicago went to visit his son, who was incarcerated at the Cook County Jail, on July 5. Mr. Polk was allowed to enter a room that he believed was a waiting area, but was actually designated for super-maximum-security prisoners.

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