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BP Employees May File Lawsuits Over Retirement Losses

A New Orleans appellate judge rejected United States District Judge Keith Ellison’s 2012 decision denying employees the right to file lawsuits for millions of dollars lost in their retirement plans after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The court cited a recent Supreme Court ruling as their reason for overturning Judge Ellison’s decision. Retirement Fund Losses According to lawsuit documents, plan managers knew or should have known that investing in BP shares were not prudent. Shares of BP stock dropped more than 40 percent after the worst offshore oil spill in history and many have still not recovered the value lost.

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Settlement Reached in Mine Lawsuit

The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and the widows of two men killed in a fire in an underground coal mine have reached a settlement in the women’s lawsuit. The agency has agreed to pay $1 million and to develop a training course at the National Mine Safety and Health Academy in order to prevent fires in the future. The agency did not admit liability in the accident.

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Bouncy Houses Lead to Serious Injury and Lawsuits

Video of a bouncy house in Colorado that was thrown 300 feet with children inside went viral recently, but experts say that the houses have led to many serious injuries and lawsuits over the past few years. Injuries such as head injuries, broken bones and bloody noses are common, say attorneys. Incident Details The bouncy house in Colorado was part of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree in Jefferson County. Winds were gusting up to 30 miles per hour, causing the house to become untethered and sail into the air, landing 300 feet from its original spot. A young girl going down the slide when the house was tossed was thrown about eight feet into the air and ejected.

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GM Not Forthcoming About Ignition Switch Problems

General Motors (GM) continues to face Congressional hearings and lawsuits related to their knowledge of faulty ignition switches that have been connected to at least 13 deaths over the past 10 years. Recent documents obtained by The New York Times shows that the company may not have been as forthcoming as the automaker had been with regulators regarding the problem. Ignition Problem According to death inquiry documents obtained by The New York Times, GM claimed they could not determine the cause of an accident that killed Gene Erickson, a passenger in a car driven by Candace Anderson, in 2004.

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BMW Recalls Vehicles with Airbag Problems

BMW announced on July 16, 2014 that they were recalling more than one million vehicles due to problems with passenger airbags, prompting some to consider a lawsuit against the manufacturer. The airbags were made by Takata Corporation and affects 3 Series vehicles manufactured between May 1999 and August 2006. Extension of Previous Recall According to BMW, the recall is an extension of a regional recall that United States safety regulators required in June. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommended a recall of vehicles with Takata Corporation airbags installed in both passenger and driver sides of vehicles.

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CDC Lab Problems Discovered After Probe

The potential for a lawsuit exists following an investigation into security problems at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) laboratory in Atlanta. The problems discovered at the lab were detailed in a report on an anthrax exposure incident issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as part of a Congressional committee summary. Anthrax Incident The USDA report focused on an incident in which a high-security CDC lab was supposed to completely kill anthrax samples before shipping them to two other CDC labs, but the bacteria was not completely sterilized.

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Lawsuit Filed in Hospital Strangulation Death

The mother of a man who was murdered by another patient while hospitalized has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital. The suit contends that hospital staff was negligent when they placed the woman’s son in the same room as a man with a violent criminal history. Incident Details According to lawsuit documents, Raul Alexander Rios, the 32-year-old son of Giovannina Paloumbus, was admitted to the psychiatric ward at Aventura Hospital, suffering from depression.

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Court Declines to Dismiss Lawsuit in Foul Ball Injury

A lawsuit filed by the father of a six-year-old girl who suffered skull fractures and brain injury after being struck by a foul ball at an Atlanta Braves game will continue. The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that it will not dismiss the case, also refusing to adopt what is known as the “Baseball Rule.” Incident Details  On May 30, 2010, the father had taken the child to Turner Field. During an at-bat by Melky Cabrera, the outfielder struck a line drive that travelled behind the third-base dugout, striking the six-year-old in the forehead.

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