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Dec 03

Product Liability

Manufacturers are required to make products that take reasonable measures to protect consumers from harm that may result in using those products. This applies to pharmaceutical drugs, automotive products, and tools/household items. If products aren’t properly tested or leave the factory without meeting specified requirements there is a possibility that they will fail and that failure could result in severe injury or even death. Some people think that product liability cases are frivolous lawsuits. They don’t take into account the damage that has been caused to the victim or the fact that shortcuts might have been taken in the manufacturing process or safety inspection. The Firestone tire incident is a perfect example of a product being released that didn’t meet safety standards.  We have seen cases that involved auto defects, power tools, toys and child carriers, defective construction equipment, home appliances and even lawn mowers. It’s also important to know whether the victim was using the product properly or whether the injury resulted from an unintended use. That’s why you need to talk with experienced attorneys when considering a product liability case. These are not short lived cases. Corporations have attorneys at their disposal and ready to fight any lawsuit that may come up. We have a high success rate with cases that other attorneys have turned down. Being former insurance attorneys has given us invaluable insight into dealing with corporate lawyers. If you feel that you or a loved one has been a victim of a faulty product the first thing you should do is contact an attorney.