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Category: Car Accident Lawsuits

Steps To Take To Be A Protected & Safe Motorcycle Rider

There are a few specific tips, as a motorcyclist, that can help protect yourself against an accident with another vehicle. We’ll start with proactive tips to consider ahead of time and then address road etiquette and where to be most cautious on the road. Drivers of vehicles are not psychologically conditioned, much less prepared, to cross paths with motorcycles on the road. As a result, the motorcyclist needs to take precautions to protect themselves from auto accidents in these specific ways.

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Brothers Receive Settlement in Patrol Car Crash

A lawsuit settlement has been approved by the Ohio Court of Claims in an accident in which two brothers were severely injured by an Ohio State Highway Patrol car. The brothers alleged that the patrol vehicle was not using overhead lights or sirens and was traveling in excess of 95 miles per hour. Accident Details According to the lawsuit documents, Daniel Hardin of Englewood was turning left from US 35 in Greene County on April 2, 2013, when the patrol car, traveling eastbound at a high rate of speed, struck his vehicle.

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Lawsuit Filed in 2006 Death of Two Teenage Girls

The families of two teenage girls who died in a crash in 2006 have filed suit against General Motors, despite the automakers legal immunity from liability after being restructured in 2009. The personal injury lawsuit claims that GM failed to disclose information related to faulty ignition switches in their Cobalt models that may have been linked to as many as 12 deaths. Accident Details 

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