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Category: Negligence

Hold the Bars Responsible for Their Actions Above is a great story about how Texas is really behind the times when it comes to holding bars responsible for over serving patrons.  If a bar allows someone who is drunk to continue to be served they should be held liable.  Their actions often directly lead to severe injuries and death.  We will continue to work with MADD to help keep drunk drivers off the road.

Natural Gas Explosion

Natural gas leaks has been a big problem in Texas, causing serious injuries, property damage, and in some cases death.  Our firm stands ready to assist those who have suffered damages as a result of these leaks.  Below is a recent article from the Ft. Worth Star Telegram about pipelines.

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Nursing Homes / Tort Reform

Below is a case dealing with the death of an elderly patient in a nursing home.  My firm used to do an extensive amount of work in nursing home litigation, but  tort reform has made it harder for attorneys to take such cases.  There are caps now that limit recoveries in most nursing home cases to 250k.  Basically, a nursing home can let someone starve to death and still only have to pay 250k.  It needs to change.

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