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Crashworthiness cases

Nissan Motor Co., LTD’s request for a new trial in a case where a jury awarded $1.85 million to the plaintiff was denied by U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis.

The jurors found that Rebecca Perdue’s injuries were caused by a structural design defect in her Nissan Pathfinder, and not simply by the car wreck or negligence of the other drivers. In refusing the motion, Judge Davis upheld the jury’s finding.  Casey Knaupp, SE Texas Record 08/19/2009
Read Article: Tyler Morning Telegraph

Often those with serious injuries or fatalities in car wrecks don’t consider the fact that there may be a case against the manufacturer of the car they were in, or even a component manufacturer such as a seat belt maker or designer.  We unfortunately see other attorneys also miss these cases as well.  We always look for all avenues of recovery including these type of cases when representing our clients.

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