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Know your rights when it comes to your Workplace

Today’s break-neck work environment can often cause employers to focus on productivity and the bottom line over employee safety and well-being.

Sometimes, the implementation of a union can help workers ensure they are receiving fair treatment in the workplace.  Many industries have existing unions, such as teachers, nurses, electricians and other skilled tradespeople.  However, not everyone has a union that they can join, and certainly not all workplace problems can be solved by unions. Unions are just one of the few preventatives for combating unfair labor practices, but not all unfair practices are union issues. Other examples include discrimination by an employer, improper payment for working overtime and unsafe working conditions. Threats and other types of mistreatment by employers might also be illegal, depending on the state and circumstances. Are you being mistreated at work? If so, it is important to capture everything you can about the incident or incidents. Documenting the details of the situation at your workplace will help counselors or attorneys decide if you have a case. If you are concerned about issues or instances at your workplace, it is important to contact someone who can help you understand your rights and advise you on what steps to take to prevent or stop any harassment or unfair treatment.

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