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Oct 31

Video of a bouncy house in Colorado that was thrown 300 feet with children inside went viral recently, but experts say that the houses have led to many serious injuries and lawsuits over the past few years. Injuries such as head injuries, broken bones and bloody noses are common, say attorneys. Incident Details The bouncy house in Colorado was part of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree in Jefferson County. Winds were gusting up to 30 miles per hour, causing the house to become untethered and sail into the air, landing 300 feet from its original spot. A young girl going down the slide...

Mar 26

This blog post has been edited. It was originally posted on March 26, 2014. Facts of this case may have developed or changed since the original post date. Settlements/verdicts may have been reached or are in progress.

A California woman had filed a lawsuit against PepsiCo Inc., claiming one of its products contained dangerous levels of a known carcinogen.

A California woman filed suit against PepsiCo Inc., claiming that the company failed to warn consumers that its Pepsi One product contained a cancer-causing ingredient. The lawsuit sought class-action status. Class-action...

Feb 13

A New Jersey couple has filed a lawsuit against the contractor and the propane gas company they say is responsible for the propane leak that caused their house to explode. James and Evelyn McCarty suffered severe burns and other injuries during the explosion on November 7, 2013. Witnesses say the explosion could be heard over a mile away.

Switch from Propane to Natural Gas

In April 2013, the McCartys decided to switch from propane to natural gas, and at the suggestion of Cape May Court House-based South Jersey Fuel & Propane, hired Shore Guys Heating...

Dec 10
The family of a man filed an $85 million lawsuit against the makers of Red Bull, claiming the drink was responsible for his death, says Frenkel & Frenkel.

The family of Cory Terry claims that drinking Red Bull caused the heart attack that killed the 33-year old father, according to court documents filed in an $85 million lawsuit. Friends and family say that Terry, a Bedford-Stuyvesant resident and construction worker, was a non-smoker, athletic and healthy, but that he drank Red Bull regularly. Collapse at Basketball Game On November 8, 2011, Terry was playing basketball with...

Nov 12
The widow of a man accidentally shot when a Remington rifle misfired has reached a settlement with the gun manufacturer, says Frenkel & Frenkel.

Monica Wood, the widow of Robert L. Wood Jr., agreed to a confidential settlement in a lawsuit she filed against Remington Arms Company, LLC in the shooting death of her husband. The lawsuit claimed that Mr. Wood died due to a faulty trigger assembly on a popular Remington rifle. Accident Details According to court documents, Mr. Wood was on a hunting trip with his father, Robert L. Wood Sr., and four family friends in November 2011....

Nov 11
Recent cases of hepatitis indicate that the fat-burning supplement, OxyElite Pro, may lead to liver failure, says Frenkel & Frenkel.

According to Hawaiian officials, 80 percent of patients in the 29 cases of hepatitis being investigated reported taking OxyElite Pro , a weight-loss supplement, in the 60 days prior to their diagnosis. The hepatitis cases led to two liver transplants and one death, and officials are investigating the link between the fat-burning supplement and liver failure. States Other Than Hawaii In addition to the cases under investigation in Hawaii,...

Nov 05
Attorneys ended arguments in a $20 million Toyota lawsuit for an unintended acceleration crash that killed a, California woman, Frenkel & Frenkel says.

A Los Angeles County jury will decide a $20-million lawsuit against Toyota Motor Corporation regarding a 2009 crash that killed a woman from Upland, Calif. The family of Noriko Uno filed the Toyota lawsuit claiming that Toyota was negligent in not installing a critical safety feature that led to the vehicle’s unintended acceleration. Accident Details According to court documents, Uno’s 2006 Toyota Camry accelerated unexpectedly...

Oct 23
The family of a longtime MTA employee who was killed after her restraint system failed has filed suit against those they say are at fault, says Frenkel & Frenkel.

The family of a woman killed after a tow truck ran red light, striking her Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) bus and killing her, has filed suit against the estate of the tow truck driver, his company and the manufacturer of the bus she was driving. Olivia Gamboa, a 47-year old grandmother, died at a local hospital shortly after being ejected from the bus despite wearing her seatbelt. The tow truck...

Sep 26
A man whose wife died after eating a tainted cantaloupe bought at a local Walmart has re-filed a lawsuit in federal court, according to Frenkel & Frenkel.

A man, whose wife died after eating a cantaloupe tainted with Listeria monocytogenes, removed his lawsuit against a local Walmart from state court, re-filing the action in federal court in an effort to control expenses. Frederick M. Lollar, of Sheridan, Wyoming, claims that the store is responsible for his wife’s death because they did not warn customers of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recall of the products,...

Aug 20
A Wyoming man has filed a lawsuit against Walmart after his wife died of Listeria contamination from a tainted cantaloupe purchased there, says Frenkel & Frenkel.

A Wyoming man has filed a lawsuit against Walmart after his wife died after eating a tainted cantaloupe purchased at the store. Frederick M. Lollar filed the wrongful death suit in Laramie County’s First Judicial Court claiming wrongful death. Tainted Fruit According to court documents, Lollar’s wife, Jaqueline, ate three-quarters of a cantaloupe he brought home from Walmart on September 1, 2011. The Food and Drug...