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Birth Injury Cases

Below is an article on what is believed to be one of the largest awards given related to a birth injury.

These cases often are overlooked as parents don’t know their child’s problems are a result of malpractice.  As you can imagine, when a child is injured at birth, and will require medical and/or other care for the rest of their life, the damages can be astronomical.  Please call us if you have any concerns your child might have suffered a birth injury.

Jury Hands Down Record Award in Birth Injury Case
A New York jury has awarded $43.5 million to a woman who suffers from cerebral palsy and other injuries as a result of negligence during her birth in 1984. According to the lawsuit, Tiffany Busone was deprived of oxygen for more than 10 minutes because staff at the former Bellevue Maternity Hospital in Niskayuna failed to properly resuscitate her as a newborn. The award is believed to be the largest personal injury verdict in the history of upstate New York.  Robert Gavin, Alabany Times Union  10/09/2009
Read Article: Alabany Times Union

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