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There are no grounds for a lawsuit when a medication error doesn't harm the patient. However, it’s possible for a prescription or dosage error to lead to serious harm, a worsened health condition, or even death. In these cases, seeking legal assistance from a prescription dosage error attorney in Dallas to pursue compensation is essential.

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Experienced medical malpractice attorneys: Prescription dose errors

Identifying and holding accountable those responsible for a medication error can typically involve many layers of complexity, as multiple parties may be involved, including:

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Hospital or nursing home assistants

Our Dallas-based medical malpractice attorneys are dedicated to serving as a powerful advocate in cases of prescription dosage errors.  If you or your loved one has suffered due to a medication error, contact Frenkel & Frenkel to schedule a free consultation today. We're here to help you seek the maximum compensation and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Prescription side effects

Virtually every advertisement for a pharmaceutical drug will inform you, in a hurried fashion, of its side effects. If these side effects aren’t disclosed—or if there is an error in the prescription process—you may have a medical malpractice claim.

Doctors and healthcare providers have a legal obligation to patients when they prescribe medications. They need to assess the side effects of the current medicines:

  • As a standalone medication
  • In relation to the patient’s health
  • In relation to a patient’s past medical history
  • In relation to other drugs being taken by the patient

In addition, if a prescribed medication is administered through an injection in a doctor’s office or hospital, the healthcare providers must administer the correct medication and dosage with a medically accepted protocol. Lastly, when pharmacists give out prescribed drugs, they must always accurately read the doctor’s prescription and fill it with the correct medication and dosage.

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Medical malpractice and prescription drugs

To prove that a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist failed to comply with their legal duties in supplying or administering prescription drugs, you’ll need to review a few critical elements:

  • Were you taking the medication exactly as they were prescribed to you?
    If there was a failure-to-warn error, can you show that your doctor or label did not properly advise you of the side effects you are experiencing? 
  • If there was a dispensing error, was the medication dispensed differently than what was prescribed by your doctor? This could be due to the type of medication or its dosage.
  • If a prescription drug was wrongfully administered, was the wrong medication injected or administered improperly?
  • Can you provide testimony to prove a link between the medication error and the resulting harm?
  • Can you show that you or your loved one has suffered damages that need compensation?

Steps to take if you suspect prescription dosage errors

  • First, stop taking the medication if you suffer from a severe side effect.
  • Second, talk to your doctor if you feel that what you’ve experienced is beyond expected, anticipated side effects. It is good to document everything you are observing, including what your doctor tells you and any side effects. Store the medication and do not dispose of the medicine, container, or warning labels.
  • Lastly, a Frenkel & Frenkel prescription dosage error lawyer in Dallas is ready to help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with us at 1-800-834-0000 regarding injury or death caused by a prescription error, mistaken administration of anesthesia, or other substances such as oxygen.
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At Frenkel & Frenkel, we're a team of energetic and talented medical malpractice attorneys who have achieved millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards over our years in practice. We specialize in representing victims in high-value personal injury claims and lawsuits. Our reputation for excellence has made us a leading choice for clients across Fort Worth and Dallas.

Our long-standing track record of success—which includes being recognized as the "Best Lawyers in Dallas” by D Magazine for 16 consecutive years and voted "Favorite Law Firm" by readers of Addison Magazine for an unmatched 10 years in a row—is a testament to our hard work and dedication to achieving the best results for our clients.

With our ability to take large cases in-house and go to court, we pride ourselves on taking on the most complex cases and holding accountable those responsible for causing you harm. Our attorneys have consistently been recognized for legal excellence in challenging cases. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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