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From marketing products to dangerous prescription drugs and auto part defects, Frenkel & Frenkel covers the breadth of product liability considerations. When dealing with products off the rack or shipped to you from an e-commerce store, you expect to have reasonably safe products, and hazards must be clearly outlined on the packaging, shipping, or point-of-purchase materials. 

We work with victims injured by or who have lost loved ones because of dangerous or defective products. Some cases we take on are marketing-related offenses, such as a failure to warn consumers of known dangers.

A Frenkel & Frenkel product liability lawyer in Dallas will seek compensation from manufacturers, vendors, or installers for the following:

  • Auto defects, including tires, brakes, steering, airbags, or seat belts
  • Defective power tools, including power saws, jackhammers, or drills
  • Unsafe toys that contain lead or small parts that children easily swallow
  • Dangerous or defective construction equipment, including cranes and scaffolding
  • Faulty home appliances and household products
  • Defective lawn mowers
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Why choose Frenkel & Frenkel?

Choosing Frenkel & Frenkel for your product liability case means choosing a team of highly experienced attorneys who work the long hours to develop a persuasive, fully-supported case. We bring decades of experience representing victims in high-value personal injury claims and lawsuits. We are honored to see our personal injury lawyers listed in Best Lawyers in Dallas in D Magazine for 16 consecutive years and to have been voted the Favorite Law Firm for 10 straight years by the readers of Addison Magazine, the longest streak of any business in the magazine. Each attorney has a 10 (for “Superb”) rating on Avvo.

About Product Liability

Product liability casualties result from a lack of warning and higher levels of risk that might have been unanticipated. From a marketing standpoint, this can diminish the product’s credibility in the consumer’s mind and outweigh its beneficial uses.

Frenkel & Frenkel is a product liability law firm with experience litigating complex injury cases in Dallas, Fort Worth, and across Texas. We can be in your corner, fighting for justice and total compensation.

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Types of Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims are legal cases that consumers can file to seek compensation for harm caused by defective, dangerous, or improperly marketed products. There are three main types of product liability claims:

Manufacturing defects

These occur when there is an error in the manufacturing of a product that makes it unsafe. This can include a part not being installed correctly, using poor-quality materials, or contamination during manufacturing. The product is dangerous when it does not comply with the product blueprints' intended design specs.

Design defects

These occur when the actual product design is inherently dangerous or defective. Design defects typically affect an entire product line rather than individual products. An example of this can be a vehicle’s too-top-heavy design, which makes it prone to roll-over accidents.

Marketing defects

These occur when companies fail to properly market or label their products, resulting in injury to the consumers. This includes inadequate instructions, warnings, or even the absence of such documentation. Additionally, false advertising claims can fall under marketing defects.

No matter what type of product liability claim you are filing, you must work with experienced attorneys who can help you build a strong case and maximize your chances of success. At Frenkel & Frenkel, our team of attorneys has years of experience representing clients in product liability cases. We can help you hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

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Several parties can potentially be held liable for releasing products that are likely to cause injury to a consumer. If a defective product has injured you or someone you love, schedule a free consultation with a Frenkel & Frenkel product liability attorney in Dallas today.

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