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Laser hair removal

The article below points out the dangers in some procedures that people often take for granted as being safe.  An amazing number of procedures are done by non-doctors that one might think would require a doctor to preform.

Laser hair removal, tattoo removals are just a couple of examples.  If you believe you have been harmed as a result of one of these procedures, you should call an attorney immediately.   Medi-Spa Lawsuits on the Rise
Patients are filing an increasing number of malpractice lawsuits against so-called medical spas over beauty treatments gone wrong. Attorneys familiar with such cases say claims related to laser hair removal are particularly common and that more regulation is needed. A trade group that represents the spa industry estimates that the number of medical spas has quadrupled in the past five years.  Tresa Baldas,  09/02/2009
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