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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in Dallas, Texas

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Dallas Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

We all have parents, grandparents or loved ones who are or may need care someday in a nursing or retirement home facility that offers independent living, assisted living or memory care services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or other regions of Texas. If your elderly, senior or disabled family member has suffered abuse or neglect in a long-term care facility, Frenkel & Frenkel is passionate about seeking compensation.

Observing Signs of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

Transitioning a loved one to a retirement community can be difficult as it can result from a traumatic experience or a recent health concern. In addition, seniors require different levels of care, from around-the-clock assistance to weekly or daily visits from an attendant who reminds them to take their medication. These factors can make abuse or neglect difficult to identify. Also, an elderly person needing care is often physically and emotionally frail and those that have been abused could be threatened or their claims could not be taken seriously. In any case, you want to consider several signs from your loved one that nursing home abuse or elderly neglect may be occurring:
  • Frequent complaints that they’re not being well taken care of
  • Unexplained mood changes
  • Behavior becomes withdrawn or emotionless
  • Hesitancy to speak openly
  • Not eating or participating in most daily activities
  • Bed sores, bruises, or other body bumps

Many of these signs deal with your loved one’s mood and demeanor, so it is important to pay close attention to them, hear out their complaints, and not brush them off. Confirm that their personal hygiene is being maintained and that the room is well taken care of. Being present and asking questions of your loved one and the staff is the best way to determine if legal action needs to be taken.

If you suspect abuse or neglect, you should contact us today. But, if you have any concerns whatsoever about your loved one, you should know that in the state of Texas you have a right to install a camera or other monitoring device in a nursing home. If you choose to install a monitoring device, we suggest one with a recording or DVR function that allows you to view weeks or months in the past and night vision capability.

Dealing With Abuse Or Neglect

Your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, husband or wife may have been the victim of nursing home abuse or elderly neglect. The types of neglect that have potential for prosecution, if he or she suffered harm or died, are typically due to:

  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition
  • Falling accidents
  • Sexual abuse
  • Unexplained bruising
  • Medication errors
  • Chart falsification
  • Medication errors

Our nursing home abuse lawyers understand your desire to ensure that other senior residents will not suffer the same injustices as your family member experienced while in long-term care. One aspect of a successful outcome of a nursing home abuse claim or lawsuit is a commitment on the part of the facility to enact preventive measures for the sake of future residents.

If you believe that a loved one has been subjected to nursing home abuse or elderly neglect, schedule a free consultation today with one of our compassionate Dallas nursing home abuse lawyers by phone at 1-800-834-0000 or email.

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