Car accidents, slips, falls, and other factors can cause injuries. In some cases, these injuries are due to accidents that are not any person’s fault. However, if you think that another party’s negligence and actions led to the injuries, you are entitled to some compensation.

You need to work with a personal injury lawyer to increase your chances of winning the case. Keep reading to learn how you can choose the best personal injury lawyer.

1. Experience Level

The lawyer’s experience is a major factor to consider. Hire a lawyer who has successfully handled several personal injury cases and gained vast experience. Such a lawyer is likely to prepare and argue your case better than somebody who just walked out of law school.

Also, inquire about the type of cases that the lawyer has handled. A lawyer may have been in practice for many years, but they have never handled a similar case to your lawsuit. Therefore, examine the attorney’s previous cases to know the particular form of law that the lawyer is proficient in.

2. Success Rate

An attorney may have practiced law for many years but has a low success rate. If you want maximum compensation for your injuries, you have to work with a winner. Therefore, ask the lawyer to provide a list of all their cases and calculate the winning rate. An attorney with a good track record has a greater chance of winning your case.

3. Courtroom Experience

Very few personal injury cases eventually reach the courtroom. As a result, your lawyer could have handled many cases, but most were settled out of court instead of going to trial. Hence, the lawyer’s courtroom experience is minimal and may not be helpful to your case.

Select a lawyer who has argued many cases in court. This lawyer will have a deep understanding of court proceedings and how to present evidence. On the other hand, avoid a lawyer who is too eager for a settlement instead of a trial.

4. Fee Structure

The contingency fee structure is popular among personal injury lawyers. This means that you will only pay the lawyer if your case is successful. In this scenario, the lawyer’s payment will be a percentage of the compensation. Nevertheless, you should know the percentage in advance to avoid cases where the lawyer takes almost all your compensation as their payment.

5. Ability to Make Hospital Visits

You may stay in the hospital for a long time as you recover from your injuries. Will the lawyer be able to visit you in the hospital? Hospital visits are important because you will be able to consult properly and coordinate your case. Hence, get clarification on the hospital visits early since some lawyers will only meet clients in their offices or the courtroom.

6. References

References are another great way to determine a personal injury lawyer’s expertise and track record. Therefore, ask the attorney to provide a list of references for assessment. Online sites such as Google and Facebook can also provide additional information about the attorney.

Once you get the list of references, contact some of the people on the list, and ask questions. For example, you can ask about the lawyer’s communication skills.

7. Location

It may look like any lawyer will work just fine, but the attorney’s location is important. A local attorney has experience and knowledge of the legal framework in your area. The local attorney is also more readily available for physical meetings and consultations.

Get Help With Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injuries can disrupt your life and lead to costly medical expenses. If somebody was responsible for your injuries, you deserve compensation. Frenkel & Frenkel is a personal injury law firm that offers legal services in all aspects of personal injury. Contact us for a free consultation.

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