October 2009 | Frenkel & Frenkel
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Oct 23

http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/index.php?cl=16237184 Good advice regarding hospital bills

Medical News
Oct 19

Below is a case dealing with the death of an elderly patient in a nursing home. My firm used to do an extensive amount of work in nursing home litigation, but tort reform has made it harder for attorneys to take such cases. There are caps now that limit recoveries in most nursing home cases to 250k. Basically, a nursing home can let someone starve to death and still only have to pay 250k. It needs to change.

Nursing Home Neglected Dying Patient, Lawsuit Says The family of a 97-year-old nursing home patient who died after contracting severe urinary tract and genital infections has...
Oct 09

Below is an article on what is believed to be one of the largest awards given related to a birth injury. These cases often are overlooked as parents don't know their child's problems are a result of malpractice. As you can imagine, when a child is injured at birth, and will require medical and/or other care for the rest of their life, the damages can be astronomical. Please call us if you have any concerns your child might have suffered a birth injury.

Jury Hands Down Record Award in Birth Injury Case A New York jury has awarded $43.5 million to a woman who suffers from cerebral palsy...
Oct 07

Driving drunk, as well as texting, and talking on the phone can leave a defendant open to punitive damages. These are damages meant to punish someone for their behavior. The below case is believed to be one of , if not the largest, DWI punitive award ever.

Record Damages Awarded in DUI Suit A Florida jury has awarded $330 million in damages to the family of a 12-year-old girl killed by a drunken driver. Following deliberations, jurors concluded that Christopher Marcone was negligent for $55 million in compensatory damages and $275 million in punitive damages in the crash that killed...
Oct 05

Below is the story of a boy who died due to being prescribed a fentanyl patch (according to the lawsuit). These are very serious cases that out firm has been reviewing for some period of time.

Family sites/default/files Lawsuit Over Drug Patch Death The family of an autistic boy who died after undergoing a routine dental procedure has filed a lawsuit against Seattle Children's Hospital, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported last week. A medical examiner later determined that the 15-year-old boy died from a drug overdose delivered through a fentanyl patch prescribed by hospital staff...