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When a motorcycle accident occurs because of a faulty or defective bike part, it’s not always easy to tell. And it’s very important you know if a faulty part caused or contributed to your accident as that fact will play a significant role in how you move forward with your personal injury case. Keep reading to learn about some ways you can tell if a faulty or defective part played a role in a motorcycle accident.

Spotting Potential Signs of Defective Motorcycle Parts

Both before and after a motorcycle accident, you should keep an eye out for some signs that may alert you to a defective part.

Your Motorcycle’s Manufacturer Issued a Recall

The manufacturer has a duty to notify you of any defects. Make it a habit to occasionally check your bike manufacturer’s website for information on recalls, known problems, and other issues that might affect safety.

Also, manufacturers have a duty to report recalls and safety issues to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and you can find information on the recall section of the NHTSA website.

Your Motorcycle Briefly Stopped Working Previously

Did your bike unexpectedly stop working at some point? Maybe it stalled or lost power for no reason that you could figure out. If such an issue occurs but only lasts very briefly, it’s possible you have a defective part.

These types of issues can occur and go away, which might lead someone to believe it was a simple fluke or nonissue. Nevertheless, if the issue were to suddenly reoccur at the wrong time, it could lead to a bad accident.

Your Motorcycle Received a Poor Repair or Poor Servicing

Sometimes, a defective part can come from the person or business that repairs or handles your motorcycle servicing and repairs. A bad brake job can lead to premature brake failure. Improper handling can lead to cracks and fuel leaks. A bad tire replacement can lead to several dangers on the road as well as further damage to other parts of your motorcycle.

Your Motorcycle Suffers Frame or Structural Issues

Frame and structural damage can occur from bike modifications, improper weight placed on the bike, or from a defect that was always there without you knowing. A frame or structural defect can come to light after an accident, which can lead credence to a claim of a manufacturer’s defect. In some cases, these issues can stem directly from poor overall design.

Your Motorcycle Accessories and Gear Worked Against You

The motorcycle gear you use can also contribute to a motorcycle accident or injury. Pay attention to things like your protective gear, gloves, helmet, and other items that accompany you when you use your motorcycle.

Steps to Take When Dealing With Defective Motorcycle Parts

Do your due diligence when it comes to your bike:

    • Keep to a maintenance schedule
    • Seek repairs immediately
    • Check for recalls
    • Ride safely and obey traffic rules
    • Familiarize yourself with your bike’s history and records

After an accident, you should seek medical attention first. Then file a police report and contact your insurance company. Additionally, you may want to hold off on any repairs before you’re certain about the potentially defective part. Most importantly, contact a personal injury lawyer about your concerns.

A firm with a history of dealing with motorcycle accidents and vehicle defect laws can help guide you toward an informed decision concerning how you should proceed. If you have been in a motorcycle accident and suspect a product defect or need a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, contact Frenkel & Frenkel right now, and we’ll help you figure things out.

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