October 2010 | Frenkel & Frenkel
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Oct 26

Many people have probably noticed the warning on McDonald’s coffee cups. What seems like an obvious statement, “CONTENTS HOT,” is actually the result of a landmark product liability settlement. The basic premise behind product liability is that manufacturers are responsible for producing safe products. This encompasses not only the intended use of products, but potential unintended uses as well. In the famous (or infamous) McDonald’s coffee case, it was the restaurant’s responsibility to serve coffee at a safe temperature. In fact, the coffee that burned the plaintiff in the case had a...

Oct 20

How much is your arm worth? Really, how much would it take for you to give up a limb? I seriously doubt it’s less than $250,000. That is the amount of non-economical damages that can be awarded from each hospital or institution in the state of Texas. This law was passed in 2003. As expected it drew physicians from around the country into Texas to open up new practices. This was imagined as a way to increase physicians in rural areas and to boost the specialists working in major hospitals. The law was touted as a no-brainer for helping everyone in Texas. What didn’t receive any campaign...

Oct 12

Everyone has heard of an ambulance chaser. It’s a stereotype of personal injury lawyers that are out for a quick buck and will do anything to track down a client. Unfortunately this is a fairly common practice for some “lawyers”, but what people don’t know is that some insurance agencies have their own version of ambulance chasers. If you are an in an accident chances are you are shaken up and a little confused. Some insurance companies want to use this to their advantage. They send out adjusters to the scene of the accident and then push or threaten motorists into signing away their...