June 2014 | Frenkel & Frenkel
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Jun 25
A wrongful death suit has been filed against the man driving the car in which “Dr. Vodka” died.

The wife of the man known as “Dr. Vodka” filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the Lamborghini her husband was riding in when he died. Solange Sandy Lloyd, a former Broadway actress, filed the lawsuit against Andres Esteban Toro on behalf of herself and her two children (1, 5). Accident Details Dr. Malcolm Lloyd had flown to Miami to meet with Toro who was expressing interest in investing in Lloyd’s company. Lloyd, a Dartmouth Medical School graduate, founded Old Nassau...

Jun 18
A PSU student who worked as a pornographic model has filed a lawsuit against the college and the professor she says fixated on her pornography career.

A former student at Portland State University has filed a lawsuit alleging a professor’s intense interest in her career as a pornographic bondage model made her physically ill and damaged her academic career. The student is seeking more than one million dollars in damages from PSU and the English professor.

Alleged Charges

Professor Marcia Klotz taught a class entitled “The Erotics of Power,” which included sexual...

Lawsuits Filed
Jun 10
Failure to deliver a deck of cards is the catalyst behind a fraud lawsuit related to crowd-funding in Washington state.

The first crowdfunding lawsuit has been filed in the United States. Crowdfunding, the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from many people in order to get the project off the ground, is growing in popularity. Websites, such as Kickstarter and Indiego, provide a platform for those with a business or project idea to seek donations from others, often using social media to promote the project. However, equity fund experts warn that...

New Laws
Jun 05
A class action lawsuit has been initiated against the Maricopa County Community College regarding a computer security breach last year.

A class action lawsuit filed this week against the Maricopa Community College District alleges that a computer security breach at the institution exposed personal information of more than two million people. Chad Roberts, who attended one of the ten colleges in the district, and Mark McKee, who took dual enrollment courses at the college while attending Brophy College Preparatory, are named as plaintiffs.

Security Breach In January 2011...