Tips for Staying Focused on the Road DrivingThere are many distractions while driving, and the biggest issue is cellphones, according to Frenkel & Frenkel, a car accident attorney in Dallas.  Often, cellphones are associated with teenagers, but most adults are also constantly on their phones.  A ringing phone could be our boss, a problem at home with the kids, the school nurse, or a friend whose call you were supposed to return days ago.  As soon as it rings, your thoughts leave the road and focus on the phone.  However, there are things you can do to avoid being distracted by your phone while driving, an action that many Dallas personal injury lawyers say contributes significantly to accidents. Turn Phone Off The best way to keep from being distracted by your cellphone while driving, according to many car accident attorneys in Dallas, is to turn the phone off as soon as you get behind the wheel.  If the phone is off, it cannot become a distraction.  When you stop or reach your destination, turn on the phone and respond to any calls or texts. Stop the Car For many, a cellphone is a necessity and turning it off is not an option.  When you simply must answer the phone or read a text, many car accident attorneys in Dallas suggest the best course of action is to pull off the road onto the shoulder or into a parking lot where it is safe to respond to the text, call or email.  Never text or email while driving, even when sitting in traffic, or moving slowly.  In some states, it is even illegal to text or answer a call while stopped at a traffic light. Understand Other Distractions Unfortunately, cellphones are not the only things that distract us while driving, many car accident attorneys in Dallas say.  Parents with young children often turn away from their driving duties to attend to a child’s needs. .  Fatigue, eating while driving or even choosing a different song on an iPod can be distractions as well.  Try not to drive when you are overtired, and teach children that when you are driving, you cannot respond to them immediately.  If you must respond, pull over before handing that French fry or bottle to your child.  Only use an iPod that allows you to skip songs without looking, or simply listen to the radio—even if you don’t care for that particular song that’s playing. It will be over soon enough.. If you have unfortunately been involved in an accident where you believe the other person was distracted while driving, call Frenkel & Frenkel, your car accident attorney in Dallas, today.

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