Dallas birth injury lawyers Frenkel & Frenkel explain what to do if your baby suffers a birth injury. BabyIf you’ve experienced the death of a child, or have a child who suffered a serious injury due to errors in the delivery room error, Dallas birth injury lawyers Frenkel & Frenkel are ready to help you. Birth injuries can result in major long-term medical expenses, including medications, treatments, therapy, special education and special equipment.  Although no dollar amount can reverse time or correct the error, compensation for victims of delivery room errors can help prevent another family from facing the same loss and devastation, as well as help address the monetary issues you will face in the future as you care for a disabled child. Understanding Delivery Room Errors According to Dallas birth injury lawyers, doctors often are not very forthcoming with the details of how or why an injury occurs in the delivery room.  Many times, records reveal that doctors failed to anticipate birthing difficulties or failed to adequately monitor the baby’s vital signs while the mother was in labor.  Often, a C-section is not performed in a timely manner, even when it is obviously warranted.  Doctors may also fail to implement manual rotation to relieve a baby whose shoulder is stuck during delivery, or other remedial action that could prevent birth defects. Consequences of Errors Errors may also occur during prenatal care, as well as during labor and delivery, say Dallas birth injury lawyers Frenkel & Frenkel.  Common birth injuries include:

    • Brachial Plexus Injury – An injury to the nerves that send signals from the spine to the shoulder that occurs when the baby’s shoulder is pressed down forcefully while their head is pushed up and away from the shoulder.
    • Dystonia – Involuntary contraction of muscles that result in repetitive or twisting movements of the body part affected.
    • Cerebral Palsy – A disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture caused by injury or abnormal development in the brain, normally before birth.

School-Age Children You should talk to a Dallas birth injury lawyer even if your child is now in school, especially if your child is showing signs of a learning disability that could have been the result of a birth injury. If you or your child has experienced a birth injury, maybe we can help.  Contact us here.

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