Frenkel & Frenkel explains why victims who are US citizens will find it easier to obtain settlements than foreign victims in the Asiana Airline crash at the San Francisco airport. plane in airMany victims of the Asiana Aircline Flight 214 crash have already begun contacting lawyers, although it is against federal law for an attorney to contact them for the first 45 days after an airline crash. Lawyers who are representing the Americans in the crash indicate that US citizens will probably obtain higher settlements in less time due to international treaties that exist for international air travelers. Many of the victims will have to file claims in Asia where lawsuits are rare, offer smaller payouts and are more difficult to win. Easier for US Citizens Many law firms handling cases for those who were injured in the crash say that getting into US courts is much easier than filing lawsuits in other countries. Three Chinese teenagers died in the crash and 182 people were injured, although most of the injuries were non-life threatening. Of the dozens seriously injured, including passengers who were paralyzed, multi-million dollar settlements in US courts are possible, according to experts. The Crash The plane, which carried 64 Americans, broke apart at the San Francisco airport when it hit a seawall, slid across the tarmac and burst into flames. Two of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene, although one of them may have died of injuries sustained when she was struck by a fire truck during the confusion at the scene. The third died a few days later in a hospital where she had been in critical condition. Federal Law Federal law prohibits lawyers from contacting victims of the crash for 45 days after public outrage when lawyers began soliciting clients in the days immediately following the ValuJet 592 and TWA 800 crashes in 1996. The National Transportation Safety Board reminded attorneys of the regulation, cautioning that the agency would report any violations to the appropriate bar ethics officials. However, victims are permitted to contact an attorney unsolicited at any time after the crash. For victims of the Asiana Airline crash, the memories are still fresh and upsetting, which is why contacting an attorney who understands the trauma, pain and psychological damage that results after such a tragedy is critical. Schedule a free consultation with Frenkel & Frenkel today to learn what rights you have regarding injuries sustained in any transportation accident, whether it be a plane, train or automobile crash.

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