A New Jersey couple has filed a lawsuit against the contractor and the propane gas company they say is responsible for the propane leak that caused their house to explode. James and Evelyn McCarty suffered severe burns and other injuries during the explosion on November 7, 2013. Witnesses say the explosion could be heard over a mile away.

Switch from Propane to Natural Gas

In April 2013, the McCartys decided to switch from propane to natural gas, and at the suggestion of Cape May Court House-based South Jersey Fuel & Propane, hired Shore Guys Heating & Air Conditioning to do the work. Court documents say that Shore Guys cut the propane lines under the home, but never removed the tank and failed to lock it so it could not be accessed.

Fireplace Use

A New Jersey couple is suing the gas company and contractor that switched their home from propane to natural gas after an explosion left the man and his wife severely injured.

According to the McCartys, they decided to use their gas fireplace, and a neighbor came to help them light the appliance. The neighbor noticed that the propane valve was off and, not knowing that the home had been switched to natural gas, turned the valve on. According to experts, this allowed propane gas to build up beneath the home without the McCartys knowing it was occurring. When Mr. McCarty turned on the faucet to take a shower the next morning, the igniting of the hot water heater caused the explosion that injured the couple.

Severe Injuries

Neighbors rushed to the home and pulled Mrs. McCarty from the rubble and placed her in an ambulance that had just arrived on the scene. In addition to severe burns, she suffered from two broken legs. Mr. McCarty was pulled from the home and placed in a wheelchair until an ambulance could transport him to a hospital, where he was treated for severe burns as well. The couple says that the contractor and the gas company’s actions created a hazardous situation by severing the pipes and not removing the gas tank to prevent what eventually happened.

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