Everyone has heard of an ambulance chaser. It’s a stereotype of personal injury lawyers that are out for a quick buck and will do anything to track down a client. Unfortunately this is a fairly common practice for some “lawyers”, but what people don’t know is that some insurance agencies have their own version of ambulance chasers. If you are an in an accident chances are you are shaken up and a little confused. Some insurance companies want to use this to their advantage. They send out adjusters to the scene of the accident and then push or threaten motorists into signing away their rights. Sometimes they offer a small settlement to keep victims from pursing legal action. There have even been cases of insurance adjusters threatening deportation to people without citizenship. Between ambulance chasers, insurance adjusters and hospital bills accident victims can easily be overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork and legal documents involved. The real role of accident attorneys is helping their clients. Whether it’s simple advice over the phone or taking your case to trial, a personal injury lawyer should first and foremost be a counselor. A good lawyer isn’t always the one that takes your case to court, it’s the lawyer that will talk to you and offer advice whether they take your case or not.

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