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Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Dallas and Fort Worth

With over 20 years of practicing law as a personal injury law firm, Frenkel & Frenkel has seen car accidents of all shapes and sizes. Our highly experienced and specialized auto accident lawyers in Dallas and Fort Worth, we make sure to hold negligible parties responsible.

We understand that being a victim of a car crash can be a terrifying event and that is why we have created a simple 7 step process to take after you have been in a car accident.

7 Steps to Follow After You’ve Been in a Car Accident

Step 1: Stay calm!

Take a few moments to make sure that you (and any passengers) are free of injury. Gain perspective in knowing that everyone is OK and take a deep breath before moving forward.

Step 2: If possible, move your car out of harm’s way and turn on your hazard lights.

If you have found yourself on a highway or a crowded intersection, try to move your vehicle out of the way of traffic. In either case, turn on your hazard lights to communicate caution to other drivers.

Step 3: Call 911 if Injuries Have Occurred

Now that you have gained your composure and moved the car away from further harm, do a more thorough check to confirm that no injuries have occurred. If anyone’s hurt – even if it’s a seemingly minor injury – call 911. If you are hurt, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Step 4: Contact the Police

A police officer can provide an accident report that is vital when you are dealing with insurance and other drivers. You should completely cooperate with the police officer.

Step 5: Gather As Much Info As You Can

In a car accident, you want to access as much information as possible before filing a claim with your insurance company. These include:

    • Names of the other drivers and passengers
    • Phone numbers and contact information
    • License plate number of the car and driver’s insurance information
    • Make and model of the vehicle(s) involved
    • Contact information of any eyewitnesses that were present
    • If you have any kind of camera on you (it can even be a camera phone), take some pictures of the accident scene including the other vehicles and people involved
    • Check to see if any videos cameras may have recorded the crash
    • If any of the vehicles are commercial vehicles, get the name of the company and any other identifying information.

Step 6: Contact Your Car Wreck Attorneys

Before contacting your insurance company, you should contact your car accident attorney. Insurance companies may try and settle quickly or have you sign documents that could affect a recovery, leaving you to pay for future expenses and medical care. We can help you maximize your recovery. This is a critical step in the process that many people involved in car accidents unfortunately ignore.

Step 7: Contact Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company will want you to contact them as quickly as possible to resolve the claim. We want to implore that you only contact your insurance company after reviewing the auto accident with an attorney with experience who can help you through the aftermath of the car accident. The insurance agency can then help provide estimates for the damage to your car and you can get your car back in full working order as soon as possible.

Contact Your Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer!

If you’ve been in a car accident, please contact Frenkel & Frenkel personal injury lawyers for a free consultation at 800.834.0000.

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