There are a few specific tips, as a motorcyclist, that can help protect yourself against an accident with another vehicle. We’ll start with proactive tips to consider ahead of time and then address road etiquette and where to be most cautious on the road. Drivers of vehicles are not psychologically conditioned, much less prepared, to cross paths with motorcycles on the road. As a result, the motorcyclist needs to take precautions to protect themselves from auto accidents in these specific ways.

Take a Riding Course

No matter how experienced you are as a motorcyclist, there’s never any harm in taking a course – even as a refresher. You’ll find classes dedicated to people of all skill levels – from beginners to experts. They’ll teach you safety techniques, including crash avoidance and defensive driving. To find a class that’s suitable for you, we recommend taking the time to visit your Department of Transportation.

Make Sure That You’re Wearing the Proper Gear

The proper safety equipment is crucial in safeguarding against a vehicle accident. The helmet is the most vital piece of equipment to wear when riding a motorcycle. A helmet greatly lessens the chance of serious damage in the event of an accident. For further protection, you’ll also want to wear long-sleeved clothing, made of leather, Kevlar, or denim, and full-fingered motorcycle gloves.

Check Your Motorcycle’s Condition First

In checking the condition of your motorcycle before taking it out, here’s a simple checklist:

    • Tires – properly aired up and no rubber balling
    • Headlight
    • Tail light
    • Brakes
    • Oil and fluid levels

Get UM/UIM Insurance

UM/UIM (uninsured and underinsured motorist) coverage is a great precaution to take in case you end up getting in an accident with a motorist that doesn’t have any insurance or limited insurance that doesn’t cover the full cost of damages. Having a UM/UIM policy will give you a better chance to receive compensation for any vehicle damage or hospital bills due to a negligent driver without the right insurance.

Road Cautions For The Motorcyclists

A driver anticipating full-sized vehicles is not expecting the presence of a motorcycle. While the road cautions below are not the motorcyclist’s fault, they are where the motorcyclist should be most aware and more defensive. Be cautious of cars:

  1. Turning Left In-Front Of You. A car does not always see you and might judge your speed incorrectly. Think defensively in these situations. For example, if there is a gap in traffic near an intersection or a car is paused at an intersection waiting to turn, slow down and be on your guard.
  2. Changing Lanes Into You. Spend as little time as possible in other people’s blind spots. Drivers are not typically looking for you but if you can see a driver’s eyes through the car mirror you can ensure they can see you.
  3. Hitting You From Behind. When you unexpectedly have to stop quicker than normal or you anticipate a driver behind you may not be aware of a stop sign or intersection, you can usually maneuver out of the way if you are on a multi-lane road and only one car is in front of you. You can also move in-between two cars if more than one is in-front of you. This way you can provide as much space as possible for the car behind and help provide a little more cushion for you.

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