When people think of technology and court they think of CSI or some other police show involving using science and technology to catch criminals. What they don’t think about are personal injury claims lawyers, car wreck attorneys and medical malpractice cases. Technology has improved the way cases are presented, theorized and determined all for the better. Proven facts stand out during trials. Jurors usually retain more information that is visual as opposed to strictly audible information. That means that whatever we can present that shows, and doesn’t tell, the jurors what happened is much more likely to be retained and called upon when deciding a verdict or on the settlement. This gives lawyers a reason to bring more visual technologies into the courtroom. When we handle drunk driving accident cases we use experts to thoroughly review the accident. We use experts to determine the rate of speed, the distance covered, and other aspects of wrecks to show fault and provide the cause. We also have access to a multitude of auto parts that are used to demonstrate faulty products or design in automobiles. We have brought doors, center consoles and other automobile parts into court rooms and demonstrated how their design had directly impacted and or caused our clients injuries. It’s equally important to understand that technology shouldn’t be the only thing your lawyer relies on. A solid lawyer will use technology to help illustrate his theory and further convince the jury of the presented facts. While technology is improving the way trials are presented, it’s just one of the many areas your lawyer needs to be versed. Frenkel & Frenkel strike a perfect balance between technology and old fashioned tenacity. If you have a legal question or need legal counsel, contact us and put us to work for you.

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