We Don’t Know Everything Nor do we pretend to. And we don’t take cases that aren’t within our area of expertise. Most lawyers specialize in certain areas and rarely, if ever, step outside of their specialized area. We specialize in drunk driving accidents, car wrecks, personal injury, abusive debt collectors, medical malpractice and unfair work practices. When we are approached about cases that are outside of these areas we refer our clients to lawyers we know, that specialize in the area they need help with. The first step in our process of whether we take a case or refer it to another lawyer is finding out what our client’s needs are. We take the counsel part of our title very serious. We are counselors to our clients, whether we take their case or not. If we don’t specialize in the area that their case is in, we know someone who does. This is where our referral network really comes into play. We are close to the law community and know attorneys who specialize in areas outside of ours. This means that while we don’t take cases involving things such as immigration law, we know and trust a lawyer who does.  We aren’t running our fingers down a list of lawyers and picking a random firm. We also aren’t using a database and pulling up matching criteria. We are selecting colleagues, peers and trusted attorneys. Our network and willingness to help is why you call us when you have a legal concern or need legal counsel. Our client’s best interests are our best interests.

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