Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Two lawyers met at a cocktail party one night. The first one asks, “How’s business?” The second replies, “Awful. I chased an ambulance the other day for twenty miles. When I finally caught up to it, there were already two lawyers hanging on the bumper.” It’s become commonplace, almost fashionable, to joke about lawyers. They have the reputation for being opportunistic, and are thought to have sold their souls to the devil long ago. However, many lawyers out there have gotten a bad rap when it comes to the work they do. A car wreck lawyer’s job isn’t to squeeze as much money out of plaintiffs or defendants as possible. Their job is to use their knowledge of the law to help citizens receive justice. Most lawyers work incredibly long hours to serve their clients, and so much of the work is done outside of meetings or courtroom proceedings that it often goes unnoticed and unrecognized. Let’s say you’ve been involved in an accident, and it turns into a courtroom battle. Without going to a car accident law firm and consulting an attorney, you may be walking into a situation that requires more knowledge than you have. A “drunk driving accident attorney” is well-versed in the laws surrounding drunk driving, and will be able to bring his or her arsenal of knowledge and tools into the courtroom to make sure your rights are secure. If you’ve been injured due to a malfunctioning product, a product liability attorney will know which laws protect you and the precedents that have been set when it comes to your case. A lawyer’s extensive knowledge of the nuances of the law can really come in handy when you’re seeking justice. So, the next time you’re about to make another lawyer joke, stop and consider how having a lawyer on your side when you need it could drastically affect your welfare. And if you find yourself in need of legal advice, give us a call, and we’ll prove to you that we’re not a group of ambulance chasers.

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