When I hear of tort reform I often think to myself that the public really isn’t seeing the big picture. Often lawyers, lawsuits and verdicts are the only way wrongdoers are held accountable.  Think back cases where car manufacturers put defective products on the road because it was cheaper to pay the injured and dead as opposed to building the car correctly.  Substance abusing doctors injuring patients.  Currently our firm has a suit going against a pediatrician accused of exposing and touching himself in front of his staff.  Would you want this person examining your child.  The article below caught my eye and made me think, you have to be kidding me right?  Medical boards often don’t do what they should do.  Check out the article below, amazing.

Dallas child psychologist allowed to keep medical license despite molestation conviction

A Dallas mother is outraged that her daughter’s molester, a child psychiatrist who is a registered sex offender, has been allowed to retain his medical license. A public information officer for the Texas Medical Board says Texas law says the board shall revoke an offender’s license. But “it also gives the board the authority to stay a revocation or to probate a revocation.”  DIANE JENNINGS, The Dallas Morning News  09/11/2009 Read Article: The Dallas Morning News

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