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Category: Personal Injury

Riding a Motorcycle? Here’s Why Installing a Dashcam Makes Sense

Biker girl in a leather jacket on a motorcycle looking at the sunset.If you’re a motorcyclist, you know that having the right gear and equipment is important to your overall experience and safety — but have you considered adding a dash camera to your bike? Dash cameras and helmet cameras can become a critical source of evidence if you’re ever injured in a wreck with another vehicle.

Here’s why you should consider adding one of these tools to your equipment right away.

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Bouncy Houses Lead to Serious Injury and Lawsuits

Video of a bouncy house in Colorado that was thrown 300 feet with children inside went viral recently, but experts say that the houses have led to many serious injuries and lawsuits over the past few years. Injuries such as head injuries, broken bones and bloody noses are common, say attorneys. Incident Details The bouncy house in Colorado was part of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree in Jefferson County. Winds were gusting up to 30 miles per hour, causing the house to become untethered and sail into the air, landing 300 feet from its original spot. A young girl going down the slide when the house was tossed was thrown about eight feet into the air and ejected.

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Court Declines to Dismiss Lawsuit in Foul Ball Injury

A lawsuit filed by the father of a six-year-old girl who suffered skull fractures and brain injury after being struck by a foul ball at an Atlanta Braves game will continue. The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that it will not dismiss the case, also refusing to adopt what is known as the “Baseball Rule.” Incident Details  On May 30, 2010, the father had taken the child to Turner Field. During an at-bat by Melky Cabrera, the outfielder struck a line drive that travelled behind the third-base dugout, striking the six-year-old in the forehead.

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